My group “The Ol’ Days” was extremely impressed with the work Eddie Leonard did on our latest album. We were less than a month away from our release date and still in need of a quality skit to complete our project. After trying many other voice actors we were contacted by Eddie who responded to our craigslist advertisement.  We were very specific about the type of voice and mood we wanted and not only did Eddie nail it, but he did it without a script on the very first try! Eddie is very professional and super talented!  I know he is destined for great things!
- The Ol' Days (Jimbro Records)
Eddie Leonard Jr. is not only an appreciated associate/voice consultant, but one of my go-to actors for a variety of projects which demand quality reads. His performances can be heard on my art-films as well as commercial promotional work.
With a youthful, charismatic and warm inviting vocal tone to his performances, Eddie utilizes his voice with craft and skill; he has the mindfulness to think about what it is he is reading and impart appropriate inflections rather than just speak the words aloud.
His level of professionalism and quick turn-around time is a major asset to me as a creative director and helps alleviate many pressures I face in video-as-art and flash film production.
He has consistently provided me with clean, strong performance recordings and has good communication skills that future clients are sure to appreciate.
I highly recommend Eddie Leonard Jr. for your projects and have no doubt you will benefit greatly from his talents and enjoy working with him.

Tobias H. Reese
Producer of Chasing Venus Productions / Chasing_Venus_arts_etc.

Eddie was hired through the ACX website to narrate an ebook to be published on Itunes, Audible and Amazon. His work was completed on schedule and delivered with excellent sound quality. I had requested that the narration style be "smooth" and that's exactly what was delivered. Good communication and team work produced an audio production that I am proud to have our company name on.
- Creating Residuals Inc.